Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Purpose of Medical Trolleys

There are different kinds of medical trolleys that are used in hospitals, clinics or other medical facilities. These trolleys are classified by the kind of use that they are put to like stretchers, medicine trolley, oxygen cylinder trolley etc. There are a number of purposes served by such kind of trolleys. Whenever there is a surgery that has to be conducted, these trolleys come much in use. There are emergency trolleys that are made use of to handle causalities.

Medical trolleys with drawers

There are also certain Medical Trolleys with Drawers that have multi-purpose uses. They are used for carrying surgical equipments, medications and other medical products that have to be used by doctors. There is a hospital dressing trolley too which has a number of drawers that carry all the requisite things to dress up a wound. These trolleys are mostly made of metal or stainless steel with rollers attached to each leg so that they can be moved from one place to the other swiftly.

Other Uses

 In addition to these, there are also some medical trolleys that are used for carrying the oxygen cylinders safely from the operation theatre to the patient's room or any other department in the hospital. There are food trolleys also that are utilized for the distribution of food to the patients in their private rooms or other wards. These trolleys come in varying shapes, sizes, heights and colours with a lot of features like rollers, folders, revolving wheels etc.