Monday, 18 August 2014

Variety of Catering Trolleys in Australia

The food service is a massive industry and is prospering at a remarkable speed. Corporate events, parties, functions etc have become an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. Catering is a common term and is basically the business of food preparation and serving drinks and food to the guests or customers. The hotels, restaurants and canteens are associated with large scale catering. It is also seen in cafes, coffee shops etc. Event catering is on a massive scale and in this food is served by the caterers at the pre decided venues. In such situations the food items are usually prepared on location itself and are presented to the guests through buffets else served by the staff. This is easily seen at conventions, functions and weddings and they are called as catered events. For making the whole scenario a success efficient and muti utility equipments are desirable and Catering Trolleys in Australia occupies a prominent place in this. These are used for commercial purpose and are of tremendous help in serving and presentation of dishes.

These are manufactured by the company dealing with advanced equipments. These are designed on the latest lines and are stylish and practical. Some of the renowned models include 16 tray Food Tray Dispenser. This supports a capacity of 16 trays, has powdered coating finish and is provided with a push handle for ease. The 150mm castor and the corner buffers add to their functional aspect.  Another is the 2 shelf tray cleaning trolley which is equipped with the push handles at both the ends and has 2 strong shelves that are lipped up. They have fine quality rubber swivel castors and optional powder coating can be according to requirement. Several other varieties are available and choice can be made as per the necessity.


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